Hi, I’m Theresa!
I embrace the beauty of slow made jewelry and use my passion for metalsmithing to create elegant, functional jewelry meant to empower and feel like second skin on all your adventures through life. 
 “Simplicity is the key of elegance” -Coco Chanel
I am inspired by the natural elegance of Kailua, Hawaii with the timeless beauty of Florence, Italy. Two places that shaped my artistry, and led me to create VIXIN Jewelry. 
I studied jewelry design at Firenze de Medici in Florence, Italy and developed my knowledge through classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art.
Jewelry is a constant |x|. It’s a memory, it’s armor, it’s beauty and it’s confidence. So, why not have some fun stacking, layering and designing your own jewelry style.
Theresa Capllonch,
Designer of jewelry and creator.
With a strong passion for the craft of metalsmithing, 
the inspiration of female bodies,
and addiction to empower,
I create...